Thais is a rare exemple of a true yoga teacher - she goes further than the asana and can teach you the actual traditional meaning of yoga as a holistic approach to life. I had a great opportunity to experience her sharp mind and gentle ways of teaching first time in Mumbai 2016 and in Paris last year. Thank you! <3"

Manuela Kollom, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Estonia

I am writing to tell you of my admiration and pride in seeing you teaching yoga. It suits you, it's in your soul, dear. And I really want to thank you immensely because you healed my tailbone with reflexology, it never hurt again. Gratitude. I suffered about ten years of pain and you with your fairy hands, always smiling during the sessions, healed me. God bless you and go ... spread your light. Spread your light to others. In divine friendship, kisses.

Maria Tereza Balarotti, Hatha Yoga teacher, Brazil

Thais is an enlightened being ... such a good person, who enchants you with your simplicity, your love and generosity ... so is she. I've known her for some time and I've been following her dedication and commitment to her work. This page for me has contributed a lot in my path. I just have to thank you!

OMMM Namastê.

                                                                                                            Angélica Barbosa, Ayurvedic Therapist, Brazil

Thais is my friend-sister-psychologist-master of Yoga at a distance, but that does not make my judgment "partial."

It really goes beyond! I am very "raw" in Yoga and she has enormous patience! I ask for an explanation of an asana and she makes a video - It can not be better! I wish Yogalume has a long life and helps others to persist!


Juliana Gerevini, Executive Assistant, Brazil

Thais, our teacher, friend, sister and psychological rs. I met Thais at school, I liked her so much that I asked her to be my Personal Yoga teacher. There were incredible moments, with her patience, efficiency and a lot of love for her work, always teach us something more. I love her classes, it's an honor to have met such a bright being ❤️


Mariney Santos, Businesswoman, Brazil

What a beautiful Yoga practice conducted by Thais Dalla Zanna. The possibility of sharing the practice is always a precious and nutritious opportunity when meeting interesting and passionate teachers!

 Maya Manu, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Italy

I participated in a Yoga class with Thais and I really liked it. I found the class well balanced. The time spent in each posture, flexibility postures, breathing exercises ... every moment felt good and I was able to experience a feeling of permanent well-being. Thais Dalla Zanna dedicates time so that everyone can feel what is happening in class and I found her very attentive and present to each student. This fluid lesson remains for me a special moment that I would like to relive much more regularly. Thank you Thais Dalla Zanna.


Mathieu Blaudez, France

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