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Thais Dalla Zanna

Hatha Yoga practice takes the practitioner on a journey, going in-depth with ancient techniques of classical yoga, such as kriyas (cleansing), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and a fundamental understanding of meditation. This allows the practitioner to access a deeper perception of body, mind and soul, as well as to rise self-knowledge and universal awareness. 

Thais Dalla Zanna is a certified Yoga instructor since 2006, with extended global teaching experience. She studied Hatha Yoga (Centro de Yoga Montanha Encantada, Brazil, 200h), traditional Asthanga Yoga (The Yoga Institute, India, 900h) and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore HY Kendra, India, 200h ). She teaches group and personal classes in Portugal and Brazil. Also teaches online through virtual platforms and on her Youtube Channel, Yogalume.


In addition, Thais holds a BA in Nutrition (CUSC, Brazil, 2012) and has been working as a holistic therapist for more than 15 years, with an emphasis on archetypal therapy.


Thais is a welcoming and caring teacher, that enables her students a comforting and holistic learning experience. She regards the practice of Hatha Yoga as an essential tool to comprehend

the complex fundament of traditional and contemporary Yoga styles.